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Award-winning Senior Social Marketing Consultant in Australia

Affordable communication strategies for social enterprise.

Celebrating 25 years as social marketers, Bravo Marketing by Design has been helping a variety of government and non-government clients expose their brand since 1989. As a registered business of Marje Prior and Associates Pty Ltd, it has gained a reputation for high quality social marketing campaigns in Canberra and across the country, along with publishing, websites and more.

We have been awarded NSW Public Sector Premiers Awards on three different occasions for our work with rural communities within New South Wales. Through our diverse communication work, we have gained valuable experience with clients in remote areas and havemade it our focus to bring effective communication solutions to people all over the country no matter where they live.

Working collaboratively for a successful social marketing campaign

We put the needs of our clients first and work closely with them to create an affordable and effective marketing campaign that suits their requirements as closely as possible. The first step we take is to research what methods and distribution strategies work best for your target audience. Running brainstorming sessions and with our commitment to two ways communication, ideas are given time to germinate and the best possible strategy developed for your campaign

Our publishing arm, On the Stone ,enables our clients to gain public visibility via print and online at the lowest possible prices. On the Stone supports the development of community owned newspapers and the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Centres and Social Enterprises. It is a dealer member of the Indigenous Art Code committed to ensuring fair trade with Indigenous artists and has been shortlisted (1997 and 1998) for The Australian Excellence Awards for Educational Publishing.If you would like to talk to our senior marketing consultant, phone 0409200616 or email marjep@bravomarketing.com.au.

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Marje Prior

CEO, Bravo Marketing By Design