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Celebrating 25 Years as Social Marketers

Social Marketing for non-profits in Australia

We choose to work with enterprises driven by purpose to make a difference. 

Bravo Marketing by Design, formerly known as Marje Prior and Associates Pty Ltd, has been a leading communication strategist in Australia since 1989, with a wealth of experience delivering national and regional social marketing campaigns for government and non-profit organisations. Our campaigns have included Aboriginal health, early childhood education, the greenhouse effect, energy saving initiatives, gender equity, and training and education for those disadvantaged from entering the workforce – in particular Aboriginal youth.

As the recipient of three NSW Public Sector Premiers Awards, we have built a reputation as an effective social marketing consultant for non-profits and government agencies. Our considerable experience in regional and rural areas gives us an invaluable insight into the challenges that these communities face and the communication channels they rely on, particularly in Indigenous communities. Our mission is to offer our expertise, tailored to your budget, to increase the reach and visibility of your message to influence behavioural change.

Talk to our senior consultant who will listen to your ideas

Senior Consultant, Marje Prior, is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute who will collaborate with you in order to plan the best social strategy not matter how large or small the project. She is often called upon to review a strategy that is not working or provide training and support for staff to enable them to craft the words and reach their audience.

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To find out more about our campaigns and what we can offer you call Marje Prior on 0409200616 or email and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

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