Social Marketing

Social Marketing Campaigns in regional NSW and across Australia

Using our expertise to extend your communication reach.

Bravo specialises in social marketing campaigns and communication strategies to help you reach and engage with your audience. Our effectiveness as social marketers is based on the following four principles:

PASSION – we are passionate about our role as your storyteller. This is what drives our creativity and the development of your stories and core messages.

PURPOSE – our purpose is to ensure your message or campaign connects with your community and stakeholders for genuine engagement and influence.

PARTICIPATION – we involve our clients, communities and stakeholders in campaign development and distribution strategies.

PARTNERSHIPS – partnering with other likeminded organisations is what we believe makes a good campaign great.

Extensive experience with both government and non-profit organisations

Our social marketing and communication strategies for government and non-profits have included community events, radio coverage, educational kits, environmental education awards, learning and development programs, newsletters, posters, videos and social media.

Bravo’s communication strategies work seamlessly with online and print media and enable you to think outside the square when developing your campaign.


We understand that every community is different and encourage their input into the development of campaign messages. We use surveys, focus groups, social media, telephone interviews and market research to decide what approach will achieve the best possible result for your campaign.

At Bravo, we make use of our publishing arm, On the Stone, to give clients an affordable option for getting their work out in the spotlight. On the Stone has been shortlisted twice by The Australian Educational Publishing awards, and supports the fair treatment of Indigenous artists.

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We encourage you to speak with us directly to discuss your needs and what we can help you achieve. We can service our clients online anywhere in Australia. Give us a call on 0409200616 to make an enquiry or send an email to